Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Green Monster

Purists will probably shit on me from a great height over this one; and I'll definitely be kicked out of 7th House; but I love Graves era Misfits. The first thing I heard from Misfits was the Scream video on P-Rock TV when I was about 8 or 9 years old. A couple days later I had Famous Monsters on CD and I absolutely worshipped it. I didn't even know who Danzig was until a couple of months later when I bought Earth AD. 
Famous Monsters has been pretty high on my want list for some time, and I've nearly pulled the trigger on it a couple of times. However I was never going to take an apparently hideous sounding picture disc for big money, so I played the waiting game. Fast forward about 18 years and here we finally are! 

Music On Vinyl really came out on top with this one. It sounds incredible and looks just as good as it sounds. Stickered outer sleeve as is normal on MoV releases on the right hand side with some information on the release; with an added Roadrunner sticker on the left side. Not normal procedure but a nice little addition. Between this and the Frou Frou release earlier in 2018, I'm really impressed with recent output from Music On Vinyl. Really consistent and dynamic sounding records, with some real nice aesthetic features. 

This pressing is /2500 on Green Marbled or Green/ Yellow Marble depending on where you get your information from. I can tell you from holding this one and inspecting it pretty closely; if there's any yellow in there it's hiding pretty well! 180 Gram and a nice anti static inner sleeve to get the ball rolling. 

I ended up with 000679 out of a total of 2500. I was obviously hoping for 000138 or 000666 but never mind; I'm just happy to finally own this album. I'm assuming a larger 180 Gram Black pressing will follow this one. 

Now we get to the real reason why I wanted this. It comes with a dang sticker sheet! I'd be completely lying if I didn't mention that I think this is way cooler than it probably is. The illustrations are kinda cute, and that logo in the middle is just iconic. These will 100% just stay in the sleeve and be preserved for all of eternity. But I have it, that's the important thing. 

Finally, there is a four page booklet containing all of the lyrics. Either side of the booklet is the illustration that was found on the CD back in the day of the Crimson Ghost. 

Listening to this again has got me really feeling these songs once more, and I'll happily defend this bunch of songs for sure. 


  1. Roadrunner sticker is pretty common with all Roadrunner re-releases done by MOV. Life of Agony, Nailbomb, Carnivore, Shelter etc all have it.

  2. I recently bough the Nailbomb reissue and found the same thing!