Monday, 17 December 2018

6 Inches of Orchid

Here's a bit of an odd one for any Screamo collectors out there. 

Orchid / Combatwoundedveteran - Split 6'' - Clean Plate Records - 2nd Press - Purple Marble /1000 w/ 2018 cover. 

So I'm a bit foggy on the details here, but try and keep up with this loose retelling. 

Some of the records from this second press never had covers, and kinda sat in a box for the best part of two decades. Clean Plate Records (who put this release out) goes fairly quiet for the last couple of years. Said box of records without covers ends up with Var from No Idea who are also a little bit quiet at the moment. He makes up some covers for these records, and they slowly start making their way out in to the world. 

This cover (unlike the second press) doesn't comes with a die cut cover and also doesn't come with an insert. There's also no trace of anyone from No Idea having anything to do with this release either. It's just this weird thing that's happened. The cover is definitely different in colour scheme, but the record itself is definitely from the 2nd press. Why they never had covers for these copies in the first place I'll never know. The labels are great though; especially the CWV side. 

There's no information on Discogs for this release, but the No Idea website states that there were 100 records left to put in new sleeves. There are also two different sleeve variants to choose from (Blue font w/ Pink Robot // Pink Font w/ Blue Robot) and I'm assuming these are a 50/50 split (quite literally)! 


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