Monday, 9 May 2016

Anniversary of Hope

There are still quite a few posts from RSD that I haven't got around to; but I figured this one can just jump the queue as I couldn't find it on the day and only just got around to getting a copy. 

Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope - Sire Records - 1st Press - /3000 (10th Anniversary Double LP - RSD '16) 

Begin To Hope is definitely a strange album for me. A classic case of you fall in love with an album, you buy the album for the girl you're in love with, girl loves album, girl breaks up with you, and then you can't listen to the album. Before buying this copy and spinning if for the first time (today) I haven't touched this record in maybe 5 years or more. 

So this album originally came out in 2006, with a vinyl release not seeing the light of day until 2009. The first LP is the record, and the second LP is a bunch of great bonus stuff that's definitely worth owning. That 2009 copy also included most of what is on this 2nd LP as it was also a double LP release. The exclusive material on this anniversary edition is the song 'Baby Jesus' as stated on the shrink below. 

Yes I'm a creep who cuts the stickers out from the shrink, waits for more polysleeves to arrive and then carefully peels the stickers off and reapplies them. No shame. 

Here is the track-listing from the back cover. The artwork from this LP always made me smile, it looks pretty accurate for how it sounds. It's been really great hearing these songs again. 

More of this great artwork takes up the gatefold. The sleeve is this oddly textured glossy stuff that's pretty awkward to photograph so I hope I've managed to give you a rough idea. It really should be seen in person though. 

A close up of the centre label. I like how it isn't labelled as sides A-D, it goes Disc 1 Side A through to Disc 2 Side B. And the tiny heart is sweet. 

The insert comes with the LP lyrics on one side, the bonus disc lyrics on the other. Sometimes with bonus stuff, the lyrics never get printed so it's a nice change of pace. But a 12''x12'' white insert with small black text never makes for a good photograph so here's a small excerpt. 

This has been fun to write about, and really fun to hear again. Never stop listening to great records for dumb reasons right? 

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